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JumpCloud Landing Page (Spec) 

Secure, manage, and see it all
with JumpCloud

JumpCloud allows IT administrators to see, manage, and secure their organizations with a comprehensive, flexible cloud-based platform.   

From one pane of glass, JumpCloud users can: 

  • Manage User Identities, secure Windows, Mac, and Linux devices 

  • Unify devices, users, and data in one place

  • Simplify storage, security, and data management

"JumpCloud has changed the IT game in numerous ways. And all for the better.

— Influential Customer 


Why are so many companies switching to JumpCloud?

Cost Reduction

 100% of new JumpCloud users report decreases  in IT management costs by 15% or more.  

Flexibility, Simplicity, and Scope

An award-winning, adaptable interface makes it simple to manage and navigate your IT system, no matter the size.


Entirely cloud-based for lighter, faster, safer data storage and management.  No more hardware, patches, or updates. 


Try JumpCloud for Free 

Tell us a bit about your business. We'll provide a free consultation, installation, and service for your first two months. 

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