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ClassPass Marketing Email (Spec) 

Get Fit, Not Bored. 20% off ClassPass Today!

Bored of the same workout classes and the same old gym? With ClassPass, there’s always a new class, gym, or studio to keep you moving.

Choose your ClassPass

  • The 6-Pack: Choose up to 6 different classes per month of any kind and attend each twice. ($34) 

  • Move and Groove: Choose up to 5 dance and movement classes and attend each up to 3 times per month. ($30)

  • 4-Minute Mile: Choose up to 4 different cardio or HIIT classes to attend up to 4 times per month. ($28)

Check out our selection of 50+ exercise classes, gyms, and studios in Denver (Link)

 Don’t get bored in the same old gym this summer. Get Moving with ClassPass for 20% off today!

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