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Pedal Bicycle Shop Loyalty Program Email (Spec) 

Keep Riding
with Tune-Ups and Tubes 

Pedal's new Loyalty Program saves you time and money on three tune-ups a year. 

Mountain Biker

Hey (First Name), 


When’s the last time your bike had a full tune-up? For most serious or casual riders, it’s probably been too long. 


Our mechanics at Pedal recommend a complete tune-up every eight months, and every four if you’re riding more than 40 miles a week.


Unfortunately, most bike shops are booked out months in advance. That means your bike could be out of commission for a month or more


But when you join Pedal’s Tune-Ups and Tubes Loyalty Program, you can skip the wait for three tune-ups a year, plus get 20% off the standard rate. 


Join online today so you can get back to riding.





Need a bonus? Since there’s nothing worse than a flat when you’re out of tubes, you’ll also get two fresh inner-tubes with each tune-up.

Mountain Biker Performs Wheelie
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